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Can I Just say that the food was AMAZING. I generally base how good a pizza place is by how good their cheese pizza is, that pizza was s0o0oo good it didnt last through the night. Everytime I order bread sticks I hope they will be barely done, handmade & covered in parm & for once they were perfect. This would be the first time in years I've received breadsticks & they were PERFECT without asking. & they have chocolate mouse cake. MY MOST FAVORITE DESERT OF ALL TIME & IT IS DELICIOUS. Its a little bit on the side of dark chocolate; which i LOVE. I' d definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone. I think ill order again today. Neww fav.


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I ordered the pasta with chicken, onion, mushroom, and tomato in the Garlic sauce. I was skeptical at first because pasta from a pizza place usually isn't good, but this was amazing. I couldn't be more satisfied and I can't wait to order from here again. The garlic bread was perfect, and even the ranch on my salad was great. My food was hot and I even think it was a little early. And the delivery driver was a very nice older lady. I don't think you can go wrong with this place, and I will continue to order from here.


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I ordered about an hour and a half before closing and felt bad. I work in a restaurant so I understand late night orders can be annoying. Not only was the food amazing and exactly what I ordered, but also super quick! It said an hour but got here in under a half hour. Delivery guy was nice too.


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Everything was excellent, except some of the sauce from the wings had spilled into the bag...no big deal, nothing was said to the driver. About 35 minutes later, the driver came back, apologized, and brought fresh wings! I have never had a restaurant ever do such a thing before.


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Portofino's has always made excellent pizza. It's my first choice when ordering delivery.

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